Welcome to our home page.  We hope our website will give you a clear understanding of what we are all about and what we want to achieve. We would like to thank all our members and elders who help out in the 7 Sister’s Devils family and also a give big thank you to our leader, Co-Leaders, Elders and Members who do a fantastic job in running this clan.

7 Sister’s Devils’ is an established competitive war clan that participates in nonstop clan wars. Our members are expected to consistently contribute 3-Star attacks each war. If you are a gamer who is looking to get into a serious war-focused clan, then we invite you to come check us out. Established Sept 27th, 2015

Clan Information :

This is the official website of the 7 Sister’s Devils clan for Clash of Clans game. From here, the clan members will post announcements and information for other members.

Clan Description :

We are a fun-loving serious war clan who enjoys a good conversation while sharing troops to help each-other. We aim to participate in clan war always will remove inactive members from the clan. At the war warriors from our clan behaves like a warrior who aims for war stars, unlike goblins who aims for resources loot. Perfectionist at war attacking who are smart warrior are always welcome to 7 Sister’s Devils family.

Contact Details :

WhatsApp : 

Mr Hussain Kawja : +965 9877 2721

Mr Satyam Mishra : +91 79033 82349

Mr Vikas Kumar : +91 87913 82515

Facebook Page : 7SistersDevil (Click the name for redirect page)

YouTube Channel : Gaming Machine (Click the name for redirect page)

Clan Tags : 

7SistersDevil – #9U2QU0VU Clan Level 16

Mad for War – #Y8GCY8PJ Clan Level 13

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